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    ... Really good -     clean code ...

    ... I would suggest   any vb programmer   get these!

   ... your software    saved me a bunch    of time ...

  ... This is exactly   what I have been   looking for ...

  ... Very well done!

A few comments from our customers....

I purchased your Source Control Suite 4 last night and just want to let you know I really like it.  I plugged in your Calendar - made a few minor tweaks (mostly colors) and it does exactly what I need.  Really good - clean code.   THANK YOU!  I have learned a lot from it.  I also wanted to tell you - you make some cool stuff and I really like the scheduling control too.

Good Luck and thank you again!
Glenn Tobin,  Bristol, TN

.... Also - just wanted to let you know your software saved me a bunch of time.  I dont have to reinvent the wheel now.

Steven Alberg,  Billings, MT

I just purchased your VB Source Code Suite 4. All wonderful products and I would suggest any vb programmer get these!

Bill Goedert,  BC Software

I just got back in and checked my E-mail.  A Special thanks goes to You for the passwords.  I will be doing business with you again.

Thanks again and take care.
Bill Chaney,  Victor, NY

... I wanted to let you know that the amount of time you have saved me is incredible.  I wanted to thank you for taking the time to produce the code and for selling it at a square price.

Thank You,
Rick Robinson, Vice-President, TerraAccess.com

Thanks for your prompt reply.  Just a question concerning the scheduler: Have you folks already written a monthly or yearly scheduler?  (just to know if the job is already done or if I have to modify your nice code).

Bruno Delprat,  Airbus Industrie,  Blagnac Cedex, France

I downloaded v1.5 (I was using v1.4) and everything works fine (scroll buttons too).  I wish everything was that easy! :)  For what it's worth, I would like to say I really like the fact that you approach custom controls from a code standpoint and not a vbx/ocx.

Ryan Gies,  Portable Software Corporation,  Casselberry, FL

I've just started working with your VBSlider source code and it's excellent! ....

John Dale,  University of Warwick,  Coventry, UK

Thanks for the password.  This is exactly what I have been looking for!   I am going to write you for some help in enhancing the program once I have studied the code...  Maybe what I am thinking of is already in release 2.0?.  eg note attachment for every appointment etc...

Best Regards,
Hussein Dharsi,  Riya, Saudi Arabia

I was impressed with the examples and wanted to know how you managed to do it just in VB!  I will review the code to learn new techniques (don't worry I don't sell VB add-ons, I create end user applications).  Very well done!

Good Luck,
Eli S. Taub,  Israel

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